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Giant schnauzers

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Rambadt FARM

The Parents

Riley weights in at about 85 lbs.  She has the thinner more straight European style coat.  She is a very smart (almost too smart), loving dog who loves to snuggle when she is not busy being a wonderful momma.  She is very protective of her puppies but also loves to show them off to visitors.  She loves to run and is faster than Ralph.  She loves water and is often in the pool swimming circles, laps, or just chilling in the shallow end.

Ralph weights in at about 110 lbs.  He has the thick and curly American style coat.  He has a wonderful, loving disposition and enjoys meeting new people.  He loves showing off his teddy bear or his blanket and quite often can be seen trotting around the farm carrying one of those things in his mouth.  He loves to run, hug, snuggle, play in the creek and cool off in the pool.

​Next LItter of Pups anticipated around August of 2018



Gigi does not actually live at the Rambadt Farm but belongs to a dear friend of ours, Bailey, who lives very close by.  Ralph enjoys the visits from Gigi greatly.  

Gigi has a VERY thick, beautiful, American style coat and is even slightly larger than Ralph. Gigi is ALL GIANT - she is full of energy, super smart, and loves water.  She loves her human sisters and loves to run and play ball.